One method to rule them all?

Meindhardt et al ( are developing a method which can separate chiral molecules via nano and micro flow dynamics. Apart from small sample sizes and a non destructuve methodology the main benefit is that, after tuning, it’s non molecule specific i.e. the same equipment could separate all your compounds.

I’m currently running my 9th mobile phase experiment in chiral HPLC attempting to scrounge as many results as I can from our 1 (very expensive) column – I am so jealous of future researchers….
Thanks to @chemistryworld for writing ( and tweeting about this!


More Chirality than you can Shake a Stick at.

Just seen this article from Chemistry world, reporting that the number of chiral crystals has previously been underreported.  The main implication of this is that crystals which have been previously overlooked in drug discovery may have to be revisited as chiral properties often affect how a molecule will behave during biological interactions.  As someone who detects chiral compounds for a living, this can only be a good thing in my eyes!