Finally, something that is accessible to the public

Open access to publicly funded research is an issue that isn’t going to go away, the number of articles I’ve stumbled upon recently is testament to that and I even get the feeling that it’s starting to snowball.   The latest nudge in that direction is the Finch Committe’s report, released today.  I haven’t yet managed to read a copy, however Stephen Curry has been much more on the ball this morning, read his summary and commentary here, or if you’re feeling brave read the full report here.

Apart from Govt. led investigations there is also a ‘grass roots’ element to this issue, highlighted by Tim Gowers.  After becoming frustrated with journal fees he posted his feelings on his blog, specifically regarding Elsevier’s high fees.  The reaction to this was outstanding and 1000’s (12098 at my last count) of other academics have also taken professional risks in boycotting journals run by Elsevier.  Want to find out more?  The Guardian has reported on this and there is a website, the cost of knowledge, dedicated to the cause.

Given the rising profile of this issue, I’m going to do a piece on it later this week – keep your eye’s peeled if you’re interested!